Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mission feeds morale

A long time ago I surprised Marco Zehe with a question and I took notes. These are my notes:
me: What do you like about your work at Mozilla? You can take your time, and if you like you can answer another day.
[0.01 seconds elapse]
Marco: Now is fine. A couple of things. The fact that sometimes you can work independently and thus are required to take some responsibility. You see gratification for your work in many different ways. I'm fully aligned with open source and making the web better - our mission - that's why I work here. We get to shape the way new stuff on the web becomes accessible. Whenever I get together with Mozillians, the amount of creativity and brilliance everyone brings to the table... creativity in a lot of ways. I'm always amazed by the talent at Mozilla.
me: Can I blog this.
Marco: Sure I don't care.
 I can tell you Marco is still excited today. Specifically about Firefox Mobile OS... more on that another day :)


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